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Hebbeln Insurance Blog: 11_2014

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The business section of the Post Dispatch had an article over the weekend discussing the damage caused by rioters to Ferguson Businesses.  As indicated in the article (and this post) most businesses will be covered for this type of loss. READ MORE >>

Thanksgiving is the number one day for Home cooking fires.  With a house full of guests, a lot going on, and possibly drinking more than we are accustomed to, it is easy to get distracted. The number one cause of fires is unattended cooking. READ MORE >>

I was playing in a poker tournament fundraiser  not to long ago for a kids sports team. These are always a good time because it doesn’t matter if you play well or can hardly play. However, on occasion a self impressed asshole shows up that can’t hold his liquor and feels an obligation to belittle the poorer players at the table. READ MORE >>

With the volume of wind and hail damage claims we have had over the last few years, many Insurance companies have added a separate wind/hail damage deductible to their Homeowners’ Policies. I will not name any of the Companies (State Farm) but what this means is, a roof damage claim can come with a potentially very large deductible. READ MORE >>

Steve, the guy who sold us the website said "hey, a weekly Blog will help get you on that first page of Google!"  Despite being guarded and a bit socially awkward, I thought, "boy, that sounds good." Seven months later, I am fairly certain, you can safely hide your money on whatever page we are located on from a Google Search of "St. READ MORE >>

Greater Protection in the event of a Lawsuit A Personal Umbrella will provide an additional layer of liability coverage over both your Home (Renters, Condo etc.) and Auto policies. This additional coverage can be crucial in the event of a serious accident in which you are determined liable. READ MORE >>

With a Decision pending we have been receiving phone calls from Building Owners, Homeowners, Landlords etc. asking is my property covered if (it could be any of the following losses – riot, looting, vandalism) happens?  The answer is generally yes. READ MORE >>

I wake up on Saturday mornings, pour a cup of my wife’s coffee (which is so strong that I believe it would rival the affect of a recreational drug) and plan on writing something of value as it relates to Insurance.  After a full week of work, sometimes Insurance does not interest me so I write about something that does. READ MORE >>

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