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Hebbeln Insurance Blog: 1_2016

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My boys pulled me aside and said "you need to add an XBox One and a PS4 to your giveaway."   I told them "sorry fellas, but I don't think most adults will be interested." The boys: "More adults use them than you think.  These are whole entertainment systems! READ MORE >>

Due to unexpected "colorful" language, the video had to be significantly edited - so much so,  it has the feel of a pre-talkie. We have added the option of a XBox One or PS4 for our next Promotion - here are the details! READ MORE >>

On 08/22/2015 I posted this - noting that it seemed the opinion of Institutional Investors (e.g. Mutual, Hedge, Pension Fund managers, etc.) had turned for the worse.   It seems I have been proven correct.  I am a market genius, yes?   No! I can point to 2 other posts where I was dead wrong. READ MORE >>


Flood  One of the concerns (of the many) about the recent flooding in the Greater St. Louis area is that many of the flooded properties were located in Flood Zone X (areas deemed least likely to incur flooding) Flood is not a covered cause of loss under the Homeowners Policy. READ MORE >>

   Before anybody wants to take a political shot at me on this one - yes, I agree with you, it would be fantastic if everything could be manufactured in the U.S.  But we don't live in a self sustaining bubble within the world.  It is a global economy. Let's dig into this a bit more. READ MORE >>

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