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Hebbeln Insurance Blog: 8_2014

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In my affected mind, the belief is that my Blog Posts have tremendous widespread appeal!  No?   However, in this post, I will relent that the benefit will be to two types of individuals: technically analytical employers and situational insomniacs. For everybody else, have a Great Labor Day weekend! READ MORE >>

It seems odd to mention this since the Market Indices are hovering near their 52 week high and the percentage gain for the S&P 500 Friday was the strongest in months. However, if you are a growth stock investor, this may be a good time to examine your holdings. READ MORE >>

Replacement Cost Compared to Market Value Whether it be a Home or a Commercial building. A common question is "Why is the Replacement Cost Limit greater than the Market Value of my Home?" The two values truly do not relate well to each other. Let's use the example of an 1100 sq. ft. READ MORE >>

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