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Hebbeln Insurance Blog: 8_2015

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I was meeting with couple of sharp clients (as all our clients are!) in late June when the market was under distress due to Greek economic woes.  They both laughed and one of them said “Greece? It’s like what, the size of Kansas?! It’s not Greece we have to worry about, it’s China! READ MORE >>

Blame Congress.  The HFIAA (Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act) Surcharge started in 2015 as mandated by Congress.  The reason - Congress is capping the allowable annual rate increase for high risk properties.   So the HFIAA surcharge is designed to offset the possibly insufficient collected premium for these subsidized properties. READ MORE >>

To my surprise I got called out on the absence of a follow-up to a prior Blog Post.  As previously indicated, I work with the assumption that this Blog is largely ignored, so I can state things like “in the next post we will cover….” and if I fail to (or don't want to) get back to the topic, no big deal. READ MORE >>

It can't be emphasized enough the importance of maintaining adequate automobile liability limits.  First lets explain what they mean using MO State Minimum Limits as an example: $25,000 Bodily Injury Per Person: This is the maximum the Carrier will pay for Bodily Injury Claims to a 3rd party if you are determined to be at fault READ MORE >>

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