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This is a cautionary tale that I must warn is not for all viewers.  For those of you with a heartier (for lack of a better term) group of facebook friends, this may prove a share of immeasurable value. So please feel free to hit that facebook share button below. READ MORE >>

When you have a moment, please check out our new YouTube Channel.  There are some videos now and eventually there will be a significant amount of valuable Insurance related videos for Individuals and Business Owners (that will be easily searchable by topic). READ MORE >>

I say things now like SEO and Google analytics and then do that move like everyone should know what I am talking about - even though I only recently learned the terms and I am not certain I fully understand what they mean. Much like a kid that hears a big word and may or may not know what it means but uses it anyway. READ MORE >>

Now that the Holiday season is over my Friday routine is forced to return to normal.  For the past 6 weeks, Friday night meant returning from work, pouring a Strong Beer  and watching the Lionel Polar Express Train under our tree. READ MORE >>

Like everybody this time of year I am very busy professionally and personally. Even with the benefit of my wife’s prescription strength coffee (so strong, I can only handle on the weekends), I can’t focus for #%*^ on Saturday mornings. So I am going to check out of the Blog Posts for the rest of the year. READ MORE >>

Steve, the guy who sold us the website said "hey, a weekly Blog will help get you on that first page of Google!"  Despite being guarded and a bit socially awkward, I thought, "boy, that sounds good." Seven months later, I am fairly certain, you can safely hide your money on whatever page we are located on from a Google Search of "St. READ MORE >>

  It has been brought to my attention that today is National Hot Dog Day. I received a Contact through our website Contact Form from They noted: I had linked to the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest in the past and wanted to suggest this post  for our readers. READ MORE >>

                                     There are Several things going on in St. Louis this weekend - here is a good link: About St. Louis 15 Top Picks for 4th of July in St. Louis 2014 READ MORE >>

Tomorrow night is Friday 13th and a Full Moon. As I understand, this will not happen again until 2049.  While I do not suffer from Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) or consider myself superstitious, the combination of both will limit my travel to the local grocery store to grab some Candy for the night (not that this differs from any other Friday night). READ MORE >>

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