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Why Life Insurance:

Most of us would agree that the "cost of living" is significant - rent/mortgage, groceries, gas, entertainment, vacations etc. If you have kids everything is multiplied and the expense of sports, dance/gymnastics, and College Savings enter the equation. If tragedy strikes we absolutely want to protect our Loved One(s). For most of us, Term Life Insurance is the best option for the amount of coverage it provides and the comparatively lower cost.

If you are a 2 Income family, Protection is very important so that your family will not to suffer financially during an already devastating time. If just one Income provides financially for your family, Coverage is Vital.

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Why Income Protection (Disability Insurance):

Did you know (Per the U.S. Social Security Administration) that even a healthy 35 year old has a 25% chance of experiencing a lengthy disability during their career. 


Our ability to earn a living is our most important asset.  It maintains the standard of living for ourselves and our family.   If disability strikes, income stops and expenses continue (see why Life Insurance above). It is crucial that we have a resource to replace the income we lose. Income Protection Coverage will eliminate the worry of financial devastation and allow for a sole focus on a hopeful return to health.



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