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Employers planning Office Holiday parties this year, should consider: Sending an intra office memo reminding employees of your company policies on harrassment Limiting the  hours Including Spouses Having a policy in place to Monitor Alcohol consumption READ MORE >>

The Insurance Company is not going to pay for this one. As I mentioned in a previous post your Homeowner’s Carrier will more than likely defend you if get in a fight and injure someone if the sole reason you were in the brawl was  to protect yourself or your family – as long as you do not get carried away (e. READ MORE >>

  In MO if you have 5 or more employees (or just one employee for construction employers) you are required to have Work Comp coverage or face significant penalties from the State.   Owners/Officers be sure to count yourself as an employee when coming up with your total.   READ MORE >>

One line of coverage that is seeing measurable rate increases from all carriers is Auto.   The reason is due to poor underwriting results (e.g. companies are not charging enough to cover what they are paying out in claim dollars).  There are a number of reasons for this: READ MORE >>

Following too close and distracted driving, are the highest cause of vehicle related claims reported to us.  As a precautionary measure, we encourage Employers to include this topic with their safety talks and particularly after a claim has occurred, to review with all drivers in order to help avoid a repeat occurrence. READ MORE >>

The last Post I did was a chore to get through - it's quite brilliant - but a chore nonetheless.  Accordingly, I sense I am going to bail on this blog a bit earlier than I normally do in  the summer.   But, I invite you to watch, easily and without argument, the best thing on this entire website: You Gotta See This! READ MORE >>

  June seems to be off to a very hot start for St. Louis.  For Employers with Employees exposed to heat (outside construction projects, warm warehouses, etc.), it is a good time to discuss and routinely remind about the dangers of heat stress to Employees.  Keep in mind: READ MORE >>

This is a solid video that clearly explains why a Personal Umbrella is so important for everybody. Call 636-519-0059 or email:  if you would like more information or cost details (Umbrella's are surprisingly inexpensive for most, relative to the coverage provided). READ MORE >>

It is hard to believe summer is almost here.  If you are planning a getaway and will be renting a car, this post offers a bit of timely knowledge: Do I have to pay for the Insurance the Rental Car Company offers?  READ MORE >>

This time of year many Homeowner's start considering home remodeling projects. If you are going to hire a contractor, make certain they are Insured.   Lack of Insurance shows a lack of professionalism - and if they are cutting costs here, can it be assumed they are cutting costs elsewhere (e. READ MORE >>

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