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A good question that comes up  often is “Do I need to pay for the Rental Car Insurance that the rental company tries to sell me?”   Typically, if you have an auto Insured for Liability and Comp. and Collision, your coverage will extended to the Rental Car. READ MORE >>

  As a follow-up to the prior post, has your remodeling project increased the value of your home?  Example:  Complete Kitchen and or Bath Remodel Finished Basement Room addition New roof with Architectural Shingles etc.  READ MORE >>

Make certain you are protected by hiring an Insured Contractor. Here is a post with more details: Homeowners and Contractors READ MORE >>

1. General Liability: Unfortunately all businesses are subject to lawsuits. No matter how careful you are or how well trained your employees are, accidents still happen. Example: An Electrical Contracting Company is sued when it was determined a wiring error by one of their electricians caused a fire that significantly damaged a home READ MORE >>

  Our Biggest Lawsuit Exposure If you do a google search of “What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance” it’s shocking how little is discussed about the importance of Liability Limits. For nearly all of us, vehicle usage is our biggest exposure to facing a lawsuit (especially if you have youthful drivers in the household). READ MORE >>

I think most of us have become so conditioned to it, that it doesn’t even register just how many Phishing attempts we deal with each week.  Just in the last 2 days I received a: UPS – you missed a package, click here notice American Express, something about a Safety Key READ MORE >>

The EEOC  (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)  released their data for workplace discrimination charges that were filed with their Agency in 2017.  The total was in excess of 84,000 plus an additional 6,696 claims for sexual harassment.      READ MORE >>

    Maybe, or maybe not.  If we look at a chart of the Nasdaq from 07/20/2015 to July of 16* (*2016 and 2018 on Reports page)  we’ll see a 20% correction and about a year of challenging market conditions.   As a note, this post on 08/21/2015, warned of a significant change in market conditions. READ MORE >>

Employers planning Office Holiday parties this year, should consider: Sending an intra office memo reminding employees of your company policies on harrassment Limiting the  hours Including Spouses Having a policy in place to Monitor Alcohol consumption READ MORE >>

The Insurance Company is not going to pay for this one. As I mentioned in a previous post your Homeowner’s Carrier will more than likely defend you if get in a fight and injure someone if the sole reason you were in the brawl was  to protect yourself or your family – as long as you do not get carried away (e. READ MORE >>

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