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  Or better still, are you acting?    The tone of the Market has Changed Since Oct. this is a bit different than what we’ve seen since Spring of 2016 for the S&P 500 (and June of 2016 for the Nasdaq) in that the market is content to spend time below it’s 200 &... READ MORE >>

    Maybe, or maybe not.  If we look at a chart of the Nasdaq from 07/20/2015 to July of 16* (*2016 and 2018 on Reports page)  we’ll see a 20% correction and about a year of challenging market conditions.   As a note, this post on 08/21/2015, warned of a significant change in market conditions. READ MORE >>

There was an article in the Post a few Sunday’s ago about the advantages of retirees having more stocks in their investment portfolio – this is contrary to the standard rationale of minimizing equity (stock) allocation as we retire. READ MORE >>

On 08/22/2015 I posted this - noting that it seemed the opinion of Institutional Investors (e.g. Mutual, Hedge, Pension Fund managers, etc.) had turned for the worse.   It seems I have been proven correct.  I am a market genius, yes?   No! I can point to 2 other posts where I was dead wrong. READ MORE >>

I was meeting with couple of sharp clients (as all our clients are!) in late June when the market was under distress due to Greek economic woes.  They both laughed and one of them said “Greece? It’s like what, the size of Kansas?! It’s not Greece we have to worry about, it’s China! READ MORE >>

I wake up on Saturday mornings, pour a cup of my wife’s coffee (which is so strong that I believe it would rival the affect of a recreational drug) and plan on writing something of value as it relates to Insurance.  After a full week of work, sometimes Insurance does not interest me so I write about something that does. READ MORE >>

  Since he described even the relatively mundane as such, I do not think it would be a stretch to say that Otto Preminger (aka Mr. Freeze) would describe the Market action of the week as "Wild"!  Unfortunately the action was quite negative.  Whipsaw action was the theme of Wed. READ MORE >>

It seems odd to mention this since the Market Indices are hovering near their 52 week high and the percentage gain for the S&P 500 Friday was the strongest in months. However, if you are a growth stock investor, this may be a good time to examine your holdings. READ MORE >>

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