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1. General Liability Insurance: Unfortunately all businesses are subject to lawsuits. No matter how careful you are or how well trained your employees are, accidents still happen. Example: An Electrical Contracting Company is sued when it was determined a wiring error by one of their electricians caused a fire that significantly damaged a home READ MORE >>

I think most of us have become so conditioned to it, that it doesn’t even register just how many Phishing attempts we deal with each week.  Just in the last 2 days I received a: UPS – you missed a package, click here notice American Express, something about a Safety Key READ MORE >>

Employers planning Office Holiday parties this year, should consider: Sending an intra office memo reminding employees of your company policies on harrassment Limiting the  hours Including Spouses Having a policy in place to Monitor Alcohol consumption READ MORE >>

  June seems to be off to a very hot start for St. Louis.  For Employers with Employees exposed to heat (outside construction projects, warm warehouses, etc.), it is a good time to discuss and routinely remind about the dangers of heat stress to Employees.  Keep in mind: READ MORE >>

A $2,600,000 Each Occurrence Limit  If you are a Clayton MO Restaurant Owner with an Outdoor Dining Permit, you have likely received a letter within the last week indicating you are now suddenly required to have an each occurrence limit of $2,600,000.   READ MORE >>

Think of your potential exposures (depending on what your business is):  A CPA has a clerical assistant that will handle bank deposits and mail drop off. A Contractor’s employee wakes up on a cold morning, tries to start the company vehicle that is provide and... READ MORE >>

It can be easy for Business Owners to underestimate the value of their Business Personal Property (BPP).   The “eye test” will reveal  mainly what is required to operate your business ·       Furniture/Cubicles READ MORE >>

As I am certain you can confirm, there are a significant number of  Contractors (potentially your competition) operating without Insurance. Unfortunately, many prospective clients do not consider this while reviewing proposals - they are just looking for the lowest price. READ MORE >>

Obviously the primary reason for loss control is because an Employer cares about the health and well being of their Employees.  However, for this post, since claims experience can have such a significant impact on an Employer's premium, I will discuss more in terms of business and not so much the human element. READ MORE >>

Very simply stated, the requesting party is saying "If you screw up (cause bodily injury or property damage) and I get sued, I expect your policy to protect me."     The Additional Insured requirement is very common in construction.  Let's say a building owner needs Electrical upgrades. READ MORE >>

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