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I am not quite certain, but this video from CBS News appears to show a man potentially faking a Work Comp Injury.  Fraud investigation is beyond my capabilities so I will not pass judgment.  However feel free to make your own determination:     Video: NJ Man allegedly faking injury READ MORE >>

When a work place injury occurs, the cost can be staggering Costs may include: Medical Bills Loss of Wages and Potentially a Permanent Total Disability   Workers Compensation will provide READ MORE >>

  MO Work Comp Insurance Requirement In MO if you have 5 or more employees (or just one employee for construction employers) you are required to have Work Comp coverage or face significant penalties from the State.   Owners/Officers be sure to count yourself as an employee when coming up with your total. READ MORE >>

  June seems to be off to a very hot start for St. Louis.  For Employers with Employees exposed to heat (outside construction projects, warm warehouses, etc.), it is a good time to discuss and routinely remind about the dangers of heat stress to Employees.  Keep in mind: READ MORE >>

In addition to the positive impact Loss Control has on Insurance Premium (e.g. a Credit Experience Mod. Rating), excellent Loss Control Policies can also help an Employer avoid OSHA violations.  OSHA Violation Penalty READ MORE >>

Many Employers have a Jan 1 renewal date - so this seems like a good time to Post. If you are an Employer with Work Comp coverage and of a certain size (in MO with a premium of $3,500 or more per year), you are subject to an Experience Modification Rating (EMR - also referred to as The Mod. READ MORE >>

I hear this a lot since Missouri does not require Employers to have Workers' Compensation Coverage unless they have 5* or more employees (including the Owners/Officers).   This is misleading because while true, the employer will not be subject to a significant fine from the State ... READ MORE >>

A common question is:  “Why do I have to include my subcontracted payroll on my Workers’ Compensation policy – they’re 1099 employees?”  This is a good question.   Without going into too much detail, the degree of control (e.g. READ MORE >>

With a number of policies renewing on January 1, many questions come up regarding the Workers' Compensation Experience Mod. and the affect on premium.  Below is a rehash of a previous post using the example of a Manufacturing Employer. The Experience Modification Rating (let’s call it the Mod. READ MORE >>

As discussed in the previous post, Primary losses have a much greater impact on an Employers Experience Mod. Rating (EMR) than excess losses. The topic of primary losses is more important now because the "Cap" for primary losses will increase each year until it reaches $15,000 in 2016. READ MORE >>

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