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I won't pass judgement on this one because we've all had that adrenaline rush where things that should have hurt did not - so maybe a Drew Carey call down has that kind of impact on her.          I like that she indicated that she was in pain the entire time - if so, she makes Hepburn and Brando look like amateurs. READ MORE >>

I am not quite certain, but this video from CBS News appears to show a man potentially faking a Work Comp Injury.  Fraud investigation is beyond my capabilities so I will not pass judgment.  However feel free to make your own determination:     Video: NJ Man allegedly faking injury READ MORE >>

When a work place injury occurs, the cost can be staggering Costs may include: Medical Bills Loss of Wages and Potentially a Permanent Total Disability   Workers Compensation will provide READ MORE >>

  MO Work Comp Insurance Requirement In MO if you have 5 or more employees (or just one employee for construction employers) you are required to have Work Comp coverage or face significant penalties from the State.   Owners/Officers be sure to count yourself as an employee when coming up with your total. READ MORE >>

  June seems to be off to a very hot start for St. Louis.  For Employers with Employees exposed to heat (outside construction projects, warm warehouses, etc.), it is a good time to discuss and routinely remind about the dangers of heat stress to Employees.  Keep in mind: READ MORE >>

In addition to the positive impact Loss Control has on Insurance Premium (e.g. a Credit Experience Mod. Rating), excellent Loss Control Policies can also help an Employer avoid OSHA violations.  OSHA Violation Penalty READ MORE >>

Many Employers have a Jan 1 renewal date - so this seems like a good time to Post. If you are an Employer with Work Comp coverage and of a certain size (in MO with a premium of $3,500 or more per year), you are subject to an Experience Modification Rating (EMR - also referred to as The Mod. READ MORE >>

I hear this a lot since Missouri does not require Employers to have Workers' Compensation Coverage unless they have 5* or more employees (including the Owners/Officers).   This is misleading because while true, the employer will not be subject to a significant fine from the State ... READ MORE >>

A common question is:  “Why do I have to include my subcontracted payroll on my Workers’ Compensation policy – they’re 1099 employees?”  This is a good question.   Without going into too much detail, the degree of control (e.g. READ MORE >>

With a number of policies renewing on January 1, many questions come up regarding the Workers' Compensation Experience Mod. and the affect on premium.  Below is a rehash of a previous post using the example of a Manufacturing Employer. The Experience Modification Rating (let’s call it the Mod. READ MORE >>

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