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Our 18 year old, Dillon, said to me a couple weeks ago, “Hey Dad, wasn’t there some kind of shakeup in the Heavyweight Division in Boxing?” In so many words I told him, “Yeah, it was a big upset.  The guy who won, took the fight on short notice because the original oponent got popped for using PED’s. READ MORE >>

  The blog will be shut down for the duration of the year.  Review of traffic flow indicates that the announcement is somewhat unnecessary due to the anemic number of monthly visits.    READ MORE >>

Following too close and distracted driving, are the highest cause of vehicle related claims reported to us.  As a precautionary measure, we encourage Employers to include this topic with their safety talks and particularly after a claim has occurred, to review with all drivers in order to help avoid a repeat occurrence. READ MORE >>

The last Post I did was a chore to get through - it's quite brilliant - but a chore nonetheless.  Accordingly, I sense I am going to bail on this blog a bit earlier than I normally do in  the summer.   But, I invite you to watch, easily and without argument, the best thing on this entire website: You Gotta See This! READ MORE >>

When I review the most recent page of our Blog, with a list of topics that include Host Liquor Liability, FLSA Violations, Mod Ratings and more, it’s easily recognized as a brilliant body of work, with a punctuation skill set on display rivaled only by anyone over the age of 9. READ MORE >>

So, they tell me it’s not a good idea to walk away from the Blog for an entire summer – “It’s detrimental to your website SEO” (Search Engine Optimization).   As I’m being told this, the only thing that runs through my head is “I’m fine ... READ MORE >>


   Before anybody wants to take a political shot at me on this one - yes, I agree with you, it would be fantastic if everything could be manufactured in the U.S.  But we don't live in a self sustaining bubble within the world.  It is a global economy. Let's dig into this a bit more. READ MORE >>

As previously posted I have little use for this Blog this time of year.   I will check out with this bit of knowledge, since after Thanksgiving every year, I am asked several times each and every day up until 12/25 - "Hey Dan, what are the 2 Greatest Christmas Songs of all time? READ MORE >>


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