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Hebbeln Insurance Blog: data breach

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Last week 60 Minutes had a good story on Ransomware (Ransomware locks up a victims files until a Ransom is paid).  When the Ransom is paid, encryption keys are provided to unlock the files.   Here is link to the CBS with the Story: 60 Minutes Ransomware   Why pay a Criminal? READ MORE >>

I think most of us have become so conditioned to it, that it doesn’t even register just how many Phishing attempts we deal with each week.  Just in the last 2 days I received a: UPS – you missed a package, click here notice American Express, something about a Safety Key READ MORE >>

In an era of daily data breaches, every business with a computer is at risk.  This is why Data Breach/Cyber Liability Insurance is vital - especially for small Business Owners! Many Business Owners believe their firewalls, anti-virus software, etc. protect them from cyber criminals. READ MORE >>

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