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As mentioned in a prior post, What is an Additional Insured Endorsement,   in some cases the “typical” Additional Insured Endorsement will not meet the requirements of the requesting party. The Typical Additional Insured (AI) Endorsement:  READ MORE >>

  Simply stated if your business has the potential to create a liability exposure for another (person or business),  they will want to be protected by your policy before they agree to do business with you.   Here are a couple of examples: Restaurant Owner: READ MORE >>

I am not quite certain, but this video from CBS News appears to show a man potentially faking a Work Comp Injury.  Fraud investigation is beyond my capabilities so I will not pass judgment.  However feel free to make your own determination:     Video: NJ Man allegedly faking injury READ MORE >>

  The blog will be shut down for the duration of the year.  Review of traffic flow indicates that the announcement is somewhat unnecessary due to the anemic number of monthly visits.    READ MORE >>

  Or better still, are you acting?    The tone of the Market has Changed Since Oct. this is a bit different than what we’ve seen since Spring of 2016 for the S&P 500 (and June of 2016 for the Nasdaq) in that the market is content to spend time below it’s 200 &... READ MORE >>

When a large claim is paid by an insurance company, they will typically pay the actual cash value of the claim (Replacement cost minus depreciation) even when an Insured has replacement cost valuation form on their Property. READ MORE >>

When a work place injury occurs, the cost can be staggering Costs may include: Medical Bills Loss of Wages and Potentially a Permanent Total Disability   Workers Compensation will provide READ MORE >>

  Contact your Insurance Company if any of the following apply to you:  Changes in Miles to Work   Has your work location changed or have you moved closer to work?   If you are now driving 4 or less miles to work, you can likely be rated as pleasure use. READ MORE >>

 It's only June 17th and I'm already tired of the summer heat. If you are an Employer with employees exposed to heat: This should prove a useful post: Summer Heat and Injury Prevention  READ MORE >>

    There is comfort in knowing your home is secure when you are away (Vacation or just for the day/night).   However,  the cost of monitored security (ADT)  may not appeal to many.   No Monthly Fee READ MORE >>

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