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When a large claim is paid by an insurance company, they will typically pay the actual cash value of the claim (Replacement cost minus depreciation) even when an Insured has replacement cost valuation form on their Property. READ MORE >>

When a work place injury occurs, the cost can be staggering Costs may include: Medical Bills Loss of Wages and Potentially a Permanent Total Disability   Workers Compensation will provide READ MORE >>

  Contact your Insurance Company if any of the following apply to you:  Changes in Miles to Work   Has your work location changed or have you moved closer to work?   If you are now driving 4 or less miles to work, you can likely be rated as pleasure use. READ MORE >>

 It's only June 17th and I'm already tired of the summer heat. If you are an Employer with employees exposed to heat: This should prove a useful post: Summer Heat and Injury Prevention  READ MORE >>

    There is comfort in knowing your home is secure when you are away (Vacation or just for the day/night).   However,  the cost of monitored security (ADT)  may not appeal to many.   No Monthly Fee READ MORE >>

A good question that comes up  often is “Do I need to pay for the Rental Car Insurance that the rental company tries to sell me?”   Typically, if you have an auto Insured for Liability and Comp. and Collision, your coverage will extended to the Rental Car. READ MORE >>

  Homeowners Insurance and Remodeling Projects As a follow-up to the prior post (Homeowners and Contractors), has your remodeling project increased the value of your home?  Example:  Complete Kitchen and or Bath Remodel Finished Basement Room addition READ MORE >>

Make certain you are protected by hiring an Insured Contractor. Here is a post with more details: Homeowners and Contractors READ MORE >>

1. General Liability Insurance: Unfortunately all businesses are subject to lawsuits. No matter how careful you are or how well trained your employees are, accidents still happen. Example: An Electrical Contracting Company is sued when it was determined a wiring error by one of their electricians caused a fire that significantly damaged a home READ MORE >>

  Our Biggest Lawsuit Exposure If you do a google search of “What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance” it’s shocking how little is discussed about the importance of Liability Limits. For nearly all of us, vehicle usage is our biggest exposure to facing a lawsuit (especially if you have youthful drivers in the household). READ MORE >>

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