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I won't pass judgement on this one because we've all had that adrenaline rush where things that should have hurt did not - so maybe a Drew Carey call down has that kind of impact on her.          I like that she indicated that she was in pain the entire time - if so, she makes Hepburn and Brando look like amateurs. READ MORE >>

  Insured and Bonded: Often Contractors will refer to themselves as being Insured and Bonded.   The “Insured” part is an easy concept.  However, the “…and Bonded” part, may not be understood.    READ MORE >>

Our 18 year old, Dillon, said to me a couple weeks ago, “Hey Dad, wasn’t there some kind of shakeup in the Heavyweight Division in Boxing?” In so many words I told him, “Yeah, it was a big upset.  The guy who won, took the fight on short notice because the original oponent got popped for using PED’s. READ MORE >>

Last week 60 Minutes had a good story on Ransomware (Ransomware locks up a victims files until a Ransom is paid).  When the Ransom is paid, encryption keys are provided to unlock the files.   Here is link to the CBS with the Story: 60 Minutes Ransomware   Why pay a Criminal? READ MORE >>

A General Liability policy will include a Per Occurrence (or Each Occurrence) Limit and a General Aggregate Limit.   Per Occurrence Limit: Is the most the company will pay for Bodily Injury and Property Damage arising out of any one occurrence.   READ MORE >>

As mentioned in a prior post, What is an Additional Insured Endorsement,   in some cases the “typical” Additional Insured Endorsement will not meet the requirements of the requesting party. The Typical Additional Insured (AI) Endorsement:  READ MORE >>

  Simply stated if your business has the potential to create a liability exposure for another (person or business),  they will want to be protected by your policy before they agree to do business with you.   Here are a couple of examples: Restaurant Owner: READ MORE >>

I am not quite certain, but this video from CBS News appears to show a man potentially faking a Work Comp Injury.  Fraud investigation is beyond my capabilities so I will not pass judgment.  However feel free to make your own determination:     Video: NJ Man allegedly faking injury READ MORE >>

  The blog will be shut down for the duration of the year.  Review of traffic flow indicates that the announcement is somewhat unnecessary due to the anemic number of monthly visits.    READ MORE >>

  Or better still, are you acting?    The tone of the Market has Changed Since Oct. this is a bit different than what we’ve seen since Spring of 2016 for the S&P 500 (and June of 2016 for the Nasdaq) in that the market is content to spend time below it’s 200 &... READ MORE >>

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