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    There is comfort in knowing your home is secure when you are away (Vacation or just for the day/night).   However,  the cost of monitored security (ADT)  may not appeal to many.   No Monthly Fee READ MORE >>

  Homeowners Insurance and Remodeling Projects As a follow-up to the prior post (Homeowners and Contractors), has your remodeling project increased the value of your home?  Example:  Complete Kitchen and or Bath Remodel Finished Basement Room addition READ MORE >>

Make certain you are protected by hiring an Insured Contractor. Here is a post with more details: Homeowners and Contractors READ MORE >>

The Insurance Company is not going to pay for this one. As I mentioned in a previous post your Homeowner’s Carrier will more than likely defend you if get in a fight and injure someone if the sole reason you were in the brawl was  to protect yourself or your family – as long as you do not get carried away (e. READ MORE >>

This is a solid video that clearly explains why a Personal Umbrella is so important for everybody. Call 636-519-0059 or email:  if you would like more information or cost details (Umbrella's are surprisingly inexpensive for most, relative to the coverage provided). READ MORE >>

This time of year many Homeowner's start considering home remodeling projects. If you are going to hire a contractor, make certain they are Insured.   Lack of Insurance shows a lack of professionalism - and if they are cutting costs here, can it be assumed they are cutting costs elsewhere (e. READ MORE >>

The end of the Holiday Season it is a good time to mention that Homeowners' Policies have limited theft coverage for certain items. Some of the more popular items are:  Firearms Jewelry (e.g. rings and watches) and Silverware Coverage is usually limited to $1,000 or $2,000 for loss from theft. READ MORE >>

It's about that time of year. If you are having a party, host liquor liability coverage provided by  your Homeowner’s policy is  a relevant topic.   For the most part, it’s safe to say that the liability portion of your Homeowners policy will respond to many of the claims that occur at your residence related to the serving of alcohol. READ MORE >>

Statistics have shown that individuals with higher credit scores tend to have fewer accidents than individuals with lower credit scores.  Simply stated if you have a good credit, your likely to be a profitable risk for Insurance Companies – so they want you on the books. READ MORE >>

The economy is improving and remodeling projects are increasing.  If you will be hiring a contractor, make certain they are Insured.  The contractor should  provide proof of Insurance to you in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (COI).  The COI should illustrate:  READ MORE >>

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