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The EEOC  (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)  released their data for workplace discrimination charges that were filed with their Agency in 2017.  The total was in excess of 84,000 plus an additional 6,696 claims for sexual harassment.      READ MORE >>

Employers planning Office Holiday parties this year, should consider: Sending an intra office memo reminding employees of your company policies on harrassment Limiting the  hours Including Spouses Having a policy in place to Monitor Alcohol consumption READ MORE >>

  If you’ve clicked on this one, you’re hardcore and  probably the only one.  So let’s get to it. The allegation: A couple of Sunday’s ago there was an article in the Post about a lady that was being accused of mistreating her domestic servant. READ MORE >>

We've recently had a bit of an uptick in employees making allegations of wrongful termination or discrimination against their Employers.   What is striking about these types of claims, is that often they come from an Employee it seems that the Employer was working with tremendously to accomodate. READ MORE >>

My mom is a huge fan of the TV show "Law and Order." It doesn’t take much to get her talking, but if you really want to get her started just bring up the Show. As I understand, the show essentially loosely base the episodes on events "Ripped from the Headlines. READ MORE >>

Why Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): Even Businesses with exceptional human resources policies and procedures are subject to lawsuits for Employment Practices, including but not limited too:  READ MORE >>

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