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  Contact your Insurance Company if any of the following apply to you:  Changes in Miles to Work   Has your work location changed or have you moved closer to work?   If you are now driving 4 or less miles to work, you can likely be rated as pleasure use. READ MORE >>

A good question that comes up  often is “Do I need to pay for the Rental Car Insurance that the rental company tries to sell me?”   Typically, if you have an auto Insured for Liability and Comp. and Collision, your coverage will extended to the Rental Car. READ MORE >>

  Our Biggest Lawsuit Exposure If you do a google search of “What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance” it’s shocking how little is discussed about the importance of Liability Limits. For nearly all of us, vehicle usage is our biggest exposure to facing a lawsuit (especially if you have youthful drivers in the household). READ MORE >>

One line of coverage that is seeing measurable rate increases from all carriers is Auto.   The reason is due to poor underwriting results (e.g. companies are not charging enough to cover what they are paying out in claim dollars).  There are a number of reasons for this: READ MORE >>

Following too close and distracted driving, are the highest cause of vehicle related claims reported to us.  As a precautionary measure, we encourage Employers to include this topic with their safety talks and particularly after a claim has occurred, to review with all drivers in order to help avoid a repeat occurrence. READ MORE >>

This is a solid video that clearly explains why a Personal Umbrella is so important for everybody. Call 636-519-0059 or email:  if you would like more information or cost details (Umbrella's are surprisingly inexpensive for most, relative to the coverage provided). READ MORE >>

It is hard to believe summer is almost here.  If you are planning a getaway and will be renting a car, this post offers a bit of timely knowledge: Do I have to pay for the Insurance the Rental Car Company offers?  READ MORE >>

I find my “gut” is right most of the time and I’d venture most people would say the same.  Unfortunately, I usually remember this after I’ve acted contrary to what my “gut” was telling me.  READ MORE >>

If it were up to me, I’d like to just tell you “the next business day.”  The reason is, you are probably quite busy now, trying to play catch-up after purchasing your car.  You may have spent the bulk of the last 2 or 3 weekends looking at cars, doing research, etc. READ MORE >>

Think of your potential exposures (depending on what your business is):  A CPA has a clerical assistant that will handle bank deposits and mail drop off. A Contractor’s employee wakes up on a cold morning, tries to start the company vehicle that is provide and... READ MORE >>

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